The Development Prospects Of Dairy Machinery Industry In 2014

The Development Prospects of Dairy Machinery Industry in 2014



The development time of China's dairy industry is short, actually the real development time is only 20 years , the economic strength, technology and equipment , and the enterprise scale can not be compared with developed countries . There are still about 20 years gap compared with the advanced countries about the overall level of China's dairy equipment.

Make use of the new technology , new equipment , and constantly develop new products . China should learn from foreign advanced technology to develop new products , such as membrane separation technology , ultra-high pressure sterilization technology helps maintain flavor , quality and nutritional value of dairy products . At present, foreign film technology in the dairy industry are: dairy sterilization and concentration , dairy products Standardization , milk protein concentration , whey recycling and processing and utilization and so on . Another example of freeze-drying technology can effectively prevent the oxidation deterioration of the heat -sensitive material to prevent hardening of the product surface , enhance rehydration , to maximize the original quality of the food , such processing techniques should be used in the immune milk and its dairy products.

China's dairy machinery must adapt to adjust the structure of dairy production adjustments and updates , enrich the equipment varieties , develop multi- effect evaporator , reduce energy consumption , develop high-temperature short-time sterilization and UHT equipment, and improve the level of mechanical separation technology to improve the disinfection equipment level of milk, low-fat milk, flavored milk , yogurt, butter and cheese.

At the beginning of  Year of the Horse ,China's dairy industry has been " may sound , Haoxiliantai ." First, domestic dairy giants have introduced "foreign aid" , then after the implementation of the new version of "infant formula milk powder production license examination rules ," the first milk powder production license has been issued to dairy enterprises . Although the long time preparations of the dairy mergers and acquisitions has not been carried out , it does not affect the industry mergers and acquisitions "war ." Moreover , since the nation implements " alone two tires ," and has announced a trial of the policy which will undoubtedly bring good to domestic milk market.

"There will certainly be a big change in the Dairy pattern of China this year . In the past , we said that the turning of domestic milk was almost hopeless , but now we see hope", Said Song Liang , A dairy experts.

The insiders believe that China 's dairy industry has experienced landmark changes , and under the leadership of Queen and other leading industry leaders , 2014 will be the year playing the " turnaround ".

Dairy Processing Machinery Tech Becoming the Mainstream

The particularities of dairy packaging and processing machinery industry are : the wide span of technical , comprehensive, The large space of market development and other aspects . While the structure of the industry capital is relatively simple ; pattern scattered ; mutual blockade among enterprises , technical monopoly , behind closed doors is more serious . On the technical level , mostly for low-level common conventional equipment production , extremely lack of qualified personnel , Factories with independent innovation and R & D capabilities are numbered . Industry macroguidance belongs to several industry associations , those policies have formed a industry without clear macro-oriented , the development and supportive policies , nor technical Standardize supervision ,which has severely restricted the improvement of the overall level of technology and has greatly lagged behind the development of the dairy industry.

With the rapid development of science and technology and automation continues to increase , China's dairy processing machinery industry will also get new changes and new developments .The high-tech processing machinery  of dairy products  will become the mainstream of the development of mechanical science and industry in the future.

Dairy security has risen to the national level , under the guidance of the government , the security of dairy is inseparable from dairy processing and packaging machinery for quality and safety. In this case , the domestic dairy machinery enterprises introduce advanced foreign technology actively ; conduct careful research and study of its dairy equipment , and do upgrading according to the needs of the domestic market to meet the needs of domestic milk production and processing enterprises.

The introduction of new regulations of milk powder production not only puts new hardware requirements to milk companies and Contributes the achievements of the growing number of dairy machinery enterprises , but it also becomes an upgrade opportunity for dairy machinery industry.

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